Q: What percent of the funds that I use to sponsor a child actually end up going to the ministry?

A: Impact raises its own funds for operating costs and sends 100% of your sponsorship to help the children.


Q: What is the goal of Impact?

A: Engage, Equip, Empower children around the world for the cause of Christ.


Q: How do I know my support is going to help the children of Impact?

A: Impact works “hands-on” with the ministries we support. We send teams to these areas and first-hand see the care the children are receiving. We also invite sponsors of children to join these teams to see for themselves. We are in constant contact with the ministries we support.


Q: What specific benefits does a sponsored child receive through Impact?

A: Benefits to the children include: the opportunity to hear the gospel and learn about Jesus, shelter, food and supplements to combat malnutrition, healthcare, a Christian education, the possibility of vocational school or college, Christ-centered guidance, an environment to grow in self-confidence and social skills, personal attention, and love.


Q: How many sponsors do each child have?

A: Sponsorships are broken down into ten $25.00 units. Each child could have 1-10 sponsors depending on how much a donor feels led to give. This way, a child is sponsored by a single individual or a team of people that want to help enhance the life of the child they sponsor.


Q: Why am I not the only sponsor for my child?

A: Child sponsorship through Impact looks different than other child sponsorship programs. With other sponsorship programs, the child continues to live in the community and are supported by their parents. With the sponsored children at Impact, children live in an orphanage where shelter, clothing, food, healthcare, and education are provided. This increases the cost per day required to support the child. The average cost to provide these resources to a child is approximately 250 dollars per month. Our partner ministries rely almost entirely on financial gifts from churches and partners such as Impact for their support. Having multiple sponsors per child is crucial so that the ministry can adequately financially care for the needs of the child.


Q: Can I correspond with my child?

A: Yes! We are able to send your letters and notes via e-mail to the ministry leaders and/or send them with participating teams.


Q: Can I send my child a package?

A: At this time, due to the lack of a postal system in the areas of our international partners, we are unable to mail physical letters or packages at this time. However, we may be able to send a letter with an upcoming participating team and can also send your letters via e-mail to ministry leaders where the child resides.


Q: How can I develop a relationship with my sponsored child?

A: Writing letters to your child and praying for your child are the best ways to be a light to your child. Prayer is the fuel to the fire of truly helping those in need. Without prayer, our efforts at reducing poverty and providing hope for children would be meaningless.


Q: Can I meet my sponsored child?

A: Yes! We have opportunities for you to attend a mission trip, and there you will be able to meet your sponsored child. Please contact us via our contact page on our website for more information.


Q: How can I find out more?

A: Click on the “Contact” tab on this site and fill out the short form.