Duncan Manuel Hernández Banegas

I Am: 15 years old.

My Birthday: November 10, 2006.

I moved to the Project: In 2006, when I was an infant.

My Family: I have 3 brothers and 4 sisters. I don’t have a relationship with my parents, but I know that my dad is a soccer referee. I was found neglected as an infant.

Grade: I am in 6th grade. I go to school on-site at the Manuelito Project. I enjoy school and I make sure I get all of my homework done.

My Favorite Subject in School: Physical education.

My Career Goals: I would like to be a military policeman. Particularly a bodyguard!

My Personality: I am extroverted and like to be silly! I am also witty and like to make people laugh. I have a sweet, loving personality.

My Favorite Hobbies: Playing soccer is my favorite! I also like hanging out with my friends, listening to music, eating, and sleeping. I am musically talented and am really good at playing the cajon (a wooden box-like drum). You can often find me drumming to a beat on objects throughout the day. I like to read sometimes.

Normal Responsibilities: Cutting the grass, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning the boy’s dorm area, mopping the dining hall, picking up the trash, fixing the fencing for the animals.

My Favorite Foods: Pizza. I don’t really like chicken. When there is food served that I like (like pizza), you would be amazed at the amount of food I can eat!

What Do I Like More – Cats or Dogs?: Dogs!

Idea of a Perfect Day: A world filled with chocolate, just like Willy Wonka!

Support Raised: $150 a month


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Since it was founded by Pastor Jorge Pinto in 1999, the Manuelito Project
has directly or indirectly helped more than 2,000 children.

The Manuelito Project provides a home, food, clothing, education and lots of love to roughly 35 former homeless children, many who chose the streets to escape a life of abuse. The campus is located in Talanga, Honduras. An on-site school also provides free education and meals to impoverished children from Talanga. At the Manuelito Project, there are teachers and house parents for the children who live there serving around the clock while managing to raise a family of their own. Their ability to stay in Honduras and serve depends upon donors from the Journey North (Impact’s founder) and other churches across America.