Project Manuelito

We support Project Manuelito a non-profit Christian organization, which was born with the purpose of rescuing, educating, and providing comprehensive training free of charge to boys and girls in and on the streets of Honduras.

These children are the most vulnerable people in this world, most of whom are immersed in abuse, drugs, mistreatment, abandonment, etc., and who also have unprotected social, personal, and family situations. The Manuelito Project is a Project that was born in the Evangelical Church of Holiness Love and Life of Tegucigalpa in 1999, as a vision of love that the Lord placed in Rev. Jorge Alberto Pinto Martínez, who together with his wife Marta Isabel Hernández and his children Jorge Samuel Enoc, Helga Esther and Helga Ruth, embraced with love, dedication, and sacrifice.

On October 24, 2000, the first opening meeting of the Manuelito Project was held at the facilities of the Evangelical Church of Santidad Amor y Vida, in the Bosque neighborhood.